Kastro Pergjoni, the owner of the iconic pub Cart & Horses, which gave birth to Iron Maiden, took to Facebook to let fans know that the Iron Maiden crew has agreed to pay the remaining fees for Paul Di’Anno’s knee surgery.

Former Iron Maiden lead singer Paul Di’Anno was the first to sing on the band’s initial records. The group was on the verge of a breakthrough when Di’Anno decided to leave. Although both sides had opposing arguments about what happened, Di’Anno ultimately claimed that there was no hostility between him and the band.

Di’Anno has battled a number of health issues in recent years. He reportedly had surgery in 2016 to remove a ‘rugby ball-sized abscess’ on his lungs and required knee replacement surgery on both knees after being involved in several motorcycle accidents over the years.

Recently, Di’Anno attended Iron Maiden’s concert in Croatia, where he rekindled with bassist Steve Harris. He then commented on the interaction stating that it had been years since he had seen any of the members and his former manager, Rod Smallwood, and added that he was overjoyed.

Paul Di’Anno had been scheduled to have knee surgery in January 2021, just as they began a fundraiser to cover the bill, which had reached $15,000. Recently, there were reports that the fundraising event will end on June 21. The owner of the Cast&Horses pub posted on Facebook the news that the Iron Maiden crew had generously decided to cover the rest of the bill. He not only thanked the fans who donated but also praised Iron Maiden for being the best, most thoughtful, and the most caring band for helping their former member in need.

Here is the Facebook post mentioned above:

“I am very excited to announce that the Iron Maiden team have kindly agreed to cover the remaining cost of Paul Di’Annio’s operation. Not only are Iron Maiden the best band on this planet, they are kindhearted and supported by an amazing team. As a result of this fantastic news, I will be closing the fundraising on June 21. I would like to express my huge thanks to everyone that has donated; you all made a difference and made this happen for Paul.”

The former Iron Maiden singer is now awaiting knee surgery and being able to walk four years later. The Iron Maiden members proved once again that they are not on bad terms with the ex-soloist and will always support him no matter what.