The legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden’s current producer Kevin Shirley recently revealed in an interview that he was receiving threats from Iron Maiden fans because they cannot get over the former producer Martin Birch’s death. 

Martin Birch was a legendary producer who produced many important albums of notable bands such as Deep Purple, Rainbow, Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden. The producer was loved by Iron Maiden fans but he passed away in August 2020 and the reason for his death was not announced. It was meaningful that in 1992, he announced his retirement after producing Iron Maiden’s ‘Fear of the Dark’ album. 

Iron Maiden’s discography is already very rich with 40 albums, yet they are on their way to releasing a 17th studio album named ‘Senjutsu’ in September. The album contains ten songs, and it is produced by Kevin Shirley, with who the band has been working since 2000. The producer revealed that the Iron Maiden fans would send him threatening emails because he wasn’t Martin Birch. He also stated that one has to be strong in order to work with Iron Maiden.

Here is what he stated about Iron Maiden fans:

“Well, I’ve learned that you have to be pretty thick-skinned when dealing with some Maiden fans. In the early days of me producing them, I got emails filled with vitriol and even death threats because I wasn’t Martin Birch, so you have to let it run off you, like water off a duck’s back. 

But I love the album, and I hope the fans like it, too – I can’t wait to see these tracks live one day.”

The producer also mentioned that he loved the new album and hoped that Iron Maiden fans like it too. Shirley, also known as The Caveman, also produced for many famous bands like Journey, Rush, and Joe Bonamassa and contributed to their success. 

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