Iron Maiden Guitarist and also known as the songwriter of many masterpieces like ‘Wasted Years’ and more, Adrian Smith, was recently interviewed by EonMusic and talked about his guitar playing style and the doubts he had before releasing his first book named ‘Monsters of River & Rock.’

As you may know, Adrian Smith has written a book about how he explored far-flung rivers, seas, and lakes, waterways, and weirs, as well as the first time he played with Dave Murray.

In some part of the interview, EonMusic has asked where Wasted Years and Powerslave’s solos came from. While answering the question, Adrian admitted that he got the trick from Bruce Dickinson’s ‘The Road To Hell’ and used it again for the live version of ‘The Wicker Man.’

Here is what EonMusic asked:

“From studying your style, you developed a technique where you pick one string, and hammer-on the string above it, ie; in Wasted Years and Powerslave solos; where did that come from?”

Adrian Smith responded:

“Yeah, it’s just something I came up with; specifically fretting notes on a high E string, and then hammering on the open B string. Obviously, it works great in the key of B, which the ‘Powerslave’ solo is in. ‘Wasted Years’, I do a thing higher up.

It’s the result of noodling around, rather than any sort of musical, theoretical knowledge. But it sounds really good, it sounds very, quite complicated but it’s actually not; it’s a little trick, really. It’s a good little trick; there’s a song called ‘The Road to Hell’ as well on Bruce’s album, which I used a lot!”

EonMusic asked again:

“And you stole it and used it again for the live version of ‘The Wicker Man’, didn’t you?”

Adrian Smith added:

“Yeah. [laughing], could have done! Yeah, [laughing harder], I mean, I try to construct solos with a beginning and end, a little mad flurry, a melodic bit; that’s just the way I kind of think. I hear a solo in my head and then I work out how to play it, usually.”

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