Yesterday, we found out that Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson’s estranged wife, Paddy Bowden, passed away and saddened the community.

According to the source of Daily Mail, Bruce was stunned after getting the news of his wife and couldn’t believe it in the first place.

Bruce thought that Paddy was happier and more settled after he moved out to France, and according to his friends, the relationship between the couple was improved recently even though they were separated.

After learning the sudden death of Paddy, Bruce was stunned and shocked because he wasn’t expecting it at all. Afterward, Bruce stated that he is devastated by this tragic death, and this is a painful time for the family.

Here is what Bruce Dickinson said after gathering himself:

“This is a terrible tragedy which appears to be a tragic accident. Our children Austin, Griffin, and Kia, and I are devastated.

Out of respect for Paddy, we won’t be making any further comment at this hugely difficult and painful time for our family.”

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