Iron Maiden bassist and the leader of the band, Steve Harris was recently interviewed by Justin Beckner from Ultimate-Guitar, and he told some rare stories about himself and the band.

In the interview, the couple was talking about the general issues about the rock music industry. Later on, Justin Beckner asked some interesting questions to learn the old days of Steve Harris.

As an answer, Steve revealed an untold secret about the band and revealed that his first ever guitar was a six-string acoustic.

Justin Beckner asked this:

“Do you recall, what was your first bass, amp, and what were some of the first songs you tried to learn?”

He also revealed the first song he tried to learn. Here is what Steve Harris said:

“Oh wow, well the first bass I ever had was a copy – it was a £40 guitar, which, at the time, was fairly expensive, I suppose, really. Well, the first guitar I ever had was a six-string acoustic.

Then I switched to bass and I had a Fender copy that I got for £40, which, I suppose is like $60 or something like that, so it wasn’t an extremely cheap one.

Then amp-wise, I tried a lot of different amps. I can’t remember exactly what my first amp was. It probably would have been a Sound City amp and cab, I think. I tried a few different things out in those days.

But the very first amp was probably a borrowed amp from someone else, but my first amp was a Sound City, I think. I don’t even know if they make them in the states, or maybe they originated in the states. I have no idea, I’d have to look it up.”

Justin Beckner asked another question about his guitar technique:

“You have a pedal that you made with Tech 21, are you using that on your rig now?”

Steve Harris said this:

“Yeah, I am using that. That was designed for me, for when I go to places like South America and I have to rent some gear.

It can turn almost any rig into something very close to my EV sound I get from my EV speakers. But I’m still using that because it’s been giving me pretty much what I need.”

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