One of the most iconic rock & metal community photographers of all time, Ross Halfin posted yet another unseen photo on his official and verified Instagram page today.

This time, Ross unearthed the never-before-seen photo of legendary Iron Maiden guitarist, Dave Murray.

As you might all know that, Dave is celebrating his 63rd birthday today. Ross also stated that this great frame was taken by Eddie in Leiden.

Here is the caption of the frame:

“A very happy birthday today to Mr. Dave Murray. Photographed with Eddie in Leiden Holland 1980. The “Bent Viking” plane was in Denmark.

The Beano is flying to Zagreb plus soundcheck by the Blue Danube.
#rosshalfin #davemurray #ironmaiden

A user named jw_90 made the most-liked comment:

“The airline I work for, Scandinavian Airlines/SAS usually uses “X Viking” as names for its fleet. According to this, Bent Viking was a DC9. Pretty cool! “

You can check out the photo below.