Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson spoke in an interview with Ornella Carlone from and explained his thoughts about digital music downloading and Napster. He said:

“They have a tough job, actually, because digital downloading… well, not digital downloading now in itself, but the result of Napster and things like that, even though downloading is now kind of mainstream, Napster destroyed the concept of music having any value, which is terrible.

I think the guy [who started Napster] should be locked up, and maybe he has been — he deserves to be. It was an act of pure selfish destruction. And what he did was he used the enthusiasm of the audience… Because the audience is not guiltythey could get all this great music for free. Why wouldn’t they do that? They didn’t realize that what they were doing was destroying an entire culture.

For a band like us, actually we still make records, but we pretty much accept that we don’t really make hardly any money out of making a record. We still do it because we have to, because we love it and we have to do new music. But the great thing with us is we can tour and make money [by playing] live.

Other bands, bands who are coming up doing great music, they don’t get that luxury. And it’s hard to see where a whole generation of musicians is gonna come from now. People who are brilliant musicians don’t get paid for doing amazing jobs.

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