Iron Maiden’s iconic musician, Bruce Dickinson had a new interview in Stadthalle, Vienna, and he cleared the air about claims about singing ability.

As you might read the statements below, Bruce claimed that they do not detune.

Here is what Bruce told to the crowd:

“People ask me, ‘How do you warm up your voice before a show?’ And, actually, I do about five minutes — that’s all. Before that, if we’re just starting a tour, I do a bit more than that. Once we are into it and we’re [playing shows] three or four times a week, usually, I know my voice and I can get into it within five minutes — boom! — right from the first song, which is ‘Aces High’.”

He continued and responded to the critics:

“We do all of our songs in Maiden, we do all of them in the original key. We don’t detune, like some other people do. We don’t do any of that. I suppose if one day we have to, we have to, but we don’t have to do it now, and I think the songs sound better as a result of it. They’re meant to be played in that key.”

You can watch the video below.

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