Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson spoke to the Youtube channel of his own aviation and maintenance and pilot training company, Caerdav, and stated that they are planning to expand their business soon.

Although we mostly know Bruce Dickinson with his impressive music career, he is also running a business, which he found in 2012. Dickinson received his pilot license in the 1990s and then, he started working as a captain in a company. After the company ended their business, the Iron Maiden singer decided to launch his own business, Cardiff Aviation Ltd in 2012.

Bruce Dickinson expanded his business over time and carried through some high-profile flights. In 2019, Dickinson announced that Cardiff Aviation changed its name to Caerdav and he also explained his expansion plans. Dickinson stated that the company intended to provide training for pilots and cabin crew. They also planned to invest in the construction of a new aircraft paint hangar.

In the Youtube video, Caerdav Chairman, Bruce Dickinson talked about their upcoming plans for the company. He said that they are now training the first group of apprentices and they would like to recruit another group in the next year. Dickinson explained that they need the labor to expand the business and achieve their goals.

Here is what Bruce Dickinson told about his business:

“We’re actively looking to recruit because we need the labor. We need the labor because we have the business. Obviously, we’re training up our first intake of apprentices and that’s going to be a rolling program so there’s going to be another intake next year, and throwing forward we have got an increasing pipeline building just under two and a half years ago.”

You can watch the Youtube video below.