Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain recently reflected on the band’s latest studio album, ‘Senjutsu,’ during an interview with Consequence Heavy. According to the rocker, they are a selfish band whose primary motivation isn’t to satisfy their fans’ expectations.

Iron Maiden released their seventeenth studio album named ‘Senjutsu‘ on September 3, 2021. The record was a success as it topped US Top Hard Rock Albums, US Top Rock Albums and climbed to No. 3 on US Billboard 200.

Since the band has been successfully releasing albums for the past 46 years, Nicko McBrain was recently asked about how they balance their artistic vision with their fans’ expectations. The drummer started his words by saying that Iron Maiden has the best fans in the world.

With that being said, McBrain stated that Iron Maiden is a selfish and motivated band that considers their fans’ desires about their music, but that doesn’t mean their main approach to music is about pleasing their fans.

In fact, the drummer revealed that the pressure on songwriters in the studio while creating an album is like an atomic bomb. However, the explosion results in their songs, whose focus isn’t about fans.

According to McBrain, the band puts their fans’ expectations first whenever they are planning a tour or the visual aspect of their music. Yet, the rocker stated once again that the entire artistry of the band comes from a selfish place.

When asked how do they balance their creation with fans’ expectations, McBrain said:

“Of course, we’ve got the best fans in the world. We got the best critics, and we got some of the most stupid critics in the world, as well. I’ve gotta be honest, we’re a very selfish, motivated band. We love our fans. When we go out on tour, that’s when we think of you guys: What do you wanna see?

But it’s not the main motivation. Because if you get lost in that world… ‘What do you think all these fans wanna see?’ You’re gonna have different fans and attitudes around different parts of the world. You’re all one big family but say South America… they might want to hear certain older songs or whatever.”

He continued:

“But from an album standpoint, when we go in the studio, I’m sorry, none of you lot out there are even thought one millisecond about. Please don’t get offended by any of you lot out there. We just write what we — at that time in that studio, in that circle of the sun, if you like, where we are in that time of our lives — come up with.

There’s a lot of pressure on the writers, but we all tend to be able to suck that pressure in. Like an atomic bomb, we’ve got this nucleus, then we explode within the song. Once the song is written, that’s where Maiden comes alive and we make it ours.

The fans, we really think about you guys primarily when we’re putting tours together and the visual aspect of it. But we are really very selfish. We do it for ourselves really. And we pretty much know what you like, so that’s where you guys come into it.”

While some bands solely focus on making their fans happy with their music, it appears that Iron Maiden makes music to fulfill their artistic desires. Fortunately for them, their approach seems to be working perfectly, which is evident in the success of their records so far.