Iron Maiden leader and bassist Steve Harris spoke in an interview with UG‘s Justin Beckner and broken the silence about his retirement rumors.

The retirement of Steven Harris was a well-known rumor in the music community for a long time. Steven Harris has not talked about these rumors anytime. Today, he opened his mouth about these rumors and revealed the truth behind these rumors.

Justin Beckner asked that:

“Has the word ‘retirement’ ever crossed your mind?”

Steven Harris answered:

“I don’t like that word. I think it’s over-rated.”

After this answer, Justin Beckner said that:

“I’m glad to hear you say that because you’re still putting out amazing music and I admire the amount of fire you still have for writing and performing music.”

Steven Harris continued:

“Well, that’s the thing, if you still enjoy doing it, why stop?”

Justin Beckner asked another question about the new rock bands and Iron Maiden:

“Are there newer bands out there right now that you’re excited about? And do you think there are any that could become as big as Iron Maiden?”

Steven Harris said:

“Wow, that’s a tough one because I think there are some good bands out there. I think times have changed so much and who knows whether they have the chance to be a global band like Maiden is. It takes a long time for a band to become like Maiden has.

Certainly, some bands have got the talent. I think Nightwish is a great band and they’re getting bigger all the time. They probably have the biggest chance of [reaching worldwide success on a level that Maiden has].

There’s a band that I like called Lord of the Lost, they did some gigs with Maiden. I think they’re really good.”

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