Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris spoke in an interview with The Metal Voice and explained the details about his side project’s, British Lion, new album.

He confirmed that British Lion has finished recording their second album but there is still no firm release date in place. Here’s the statement:

“We’ve finished recording. We haven’t mastered it yet, and we haven’t done the artwork yet, and we haven’t decided when it’s gonna go out, because I’m governed by, obviously, what happens with Maiden. So I can’t arrange a tour or anything until I know what Maiden is doing. And we’ll decide then when we’ll release the album next year.

On what fans should expect from British Lion’s new album, he said:

“The band has evolved over the last five or six years live — we’ve played quite a lot of shows in Europe and stuff — so it’s become more of a tighter band. I think we’ve found our direction is naturally evolving, and if anything, I think it’s getting heavier than it was, really. It’s very melodic. The songs are… I don’t know…

There’s still kind of a UFO, Thin Lizzy type of influence, I think, in a lot of them, [and] there are influences too, but in general, I think we are getting just a little bit harder-edged, really. These days, I suppose there are some bands that make even Maiden sound like The Moody Blues— there’s some real, real heavy bands out there — so what I think is heavy and what other people think is ‘getting heavier’ is two [completely different things].

But we feel we’re a bit harder-edged than we were. So it is a bit of a slight directional change, possibly. But it’s been a natural thing; it’s not something we consciously thought, ‘Oh, we’ve gotta go this way.’

It’s just been the way we’re playing our live shows — it’s very powerful, much more powerful live than on record, I think. And I think with the second record, we’ve tried to capture that essence of what we are live more.”

British Lion’s first album, self-titled album, was released on September 24, 2012 via EMI and UME.

You can watch the entire interview from below.