Iron Maiden bassist and British Lion mastermind, Steve Harris, talked in a recent conversation with HardDrive Radio and mentioned lots of things about both bands.

During the interview, Steve also revealed the worst situation that he ever faced with his bands, and you can read that part of the interview below.

The interviewer asked ‘did you ever faced a Spinal Tap situation in your career’, and Steve responded:

“Our guitar player in British Lion – I’d already gone to Canada, I was already in Toronto, the rest of the guys were flying in from the UK, and he missed the flight.

He was at the gate before everybody else, and then he wandered off shopping or whatever, and I don’t know what happened, he just missed the flight. So, anyway, they put him on a flight, he’s gonna end up going all the way to Calgary and back again to Toronto, which obviously took a lot more hours.

But at one point, we couldn’t even get a hold of him because he didn’t have a really good phone, he’s a bit old-school. I didn’t know where he was, his missus, she didn’t know where he was so all this time we don’t know where’s he gone.

Everybody was thinking I was gonna freak out, but I wasn’t, because we had a few days of rehearsal and stuff, so I thought, ‘Well, what’s the worst possible scenario?’ If he’s gone off somewhere or something like that, then at least we can get in time for the first gig, so I wasn’t overly worried.”

Interviewer asked:

“What’s the kind of feedback you get from fans? Are you seeing a lot of Iron Maiden shirts in the audience?”

Steve responded:

“We did, initially. It’s great, you got to prove what you can do, and some people are going to love it, most people seem to have really enjoyed it, and we go out and give out 110% just like we do at Maiden, and yes, it’s been a lot of fun.”

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