Iron Maiden mastermind and bassist Steve Harris spoke in a recent interview with Loudwire and explained why he doesn’t prefer to play with double bass in Iron Maiden.

The interviewer asked this question:

“Let’s get into British Lion and what you’re doing on the bass to maybe distinguish yourself from what you’ve done already with Maiden.

What are some new techniques or styles?”

Steve Harris answered:

“I tried a few things on the first album [2012’s self-titled] because it was new at the time, it was a different thing for me to be doing at the time.

So I tried a few different sounds, a few different techniques, and I’m not sure the sounds really worked, so now this album is more how I sound and I feel much more comfortable.”

The interviewer continued to ask another question:

One thing that’s cool here is that you get to play with a drummer who uses double kicks. What does that open up for you as a bass player?

Steve Harris explained:

“Usually, you have to play less [double bass] because you can’t… it just becomes a mess, so you’ve actually got to work out to not play against him, play with him.

That’s what I found; otherwise, it just becomes a battle, it’s just not so good. Nicko [McBrain, Iron Maiden drummer] plays with a single, he’s just never using double [bass drum] anyway.”

You can watch the video of the interview right below.