The legendary Australian rock band, AC/DC, has come up with the first teaser of the brand new single, ‘Shot in the Dark,’ from their upcoming album and gave an enormous joy to their fans to wipe off all the exhaustion and despair of 2020.

The phenomenal band, AC/DC, has made their grand comeback to music 6 years after their last studio album, ‘Rock or Bust.’ The hints about a new project from the band have been showing off themselves since 2018, when the former members, Johnson and Rudd, were seen near The Warehouse Studio.

Months after the statement of Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, that Brian Johnson returned to the band and they were in the process of recording a new album with him, in February 2020, AC/DC has been reactivated on social media.

The band officially confirmed with a crucial post that the departed members, Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams returned, alongside the lead guitarist Angus Young and the rhythm guitarist Stevie Young, for the upcoming album, called ‘PWR-UP.’

After they’ve revealed the lineup, as well as the name of the album, AC/DC has released a teaser on their YouTube channel from their new song, ‘Shot in the Dark.’ The video, which includes the appearances of all the members, got over 40k likes and was commented by more than three thousand fans.

The loyal fans of the band, who have been waiting for years about an update from them, expressed their excitement in the comment section. The majority of people said that Angus Young decided to change the mood of this year and took this incredible action.

Here is what the fan, whose name is Arda Üçkardeş, reacted to the teaser:

Is 2020 the worst year? Angus: Not anymore.”

Another fan commented to indicate the same feeling and said:

2020: worst year. Angus: Hold my tea.”

You can see the teaser below.