AC/DC’s legendary singer Brian Johnson may return to band in next months. Brian lefted AC/DC because of hearing loss. And Axl Rose became singer of band.

Brian found a way to back to the stage again. Stephen Ambrose of Aius Technologies made a new piece equipment for reduce negative impact hearing. Thus, Brian may continue music career. Ambrose told Team Rock good news:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we have something that Brian, and other people, can use to return to the stage without any threat of damage to his hearing within the next six to 12 months. I will endeavor to kick up the development of the technology another 10 notches, at which point I expect to get the green light from Brian’s doctors to test the prototype with him. We need to know he can test it without further damaging his hearing. And I expect those tests will go very successfully.

Having Brian Johnson involved has helped us get the support of a lot of major companies – support that wouldn’t have been there without him.”

Axl Rose is still singer of AC/DC. But Brian Johnson may take the throne from Axl. We’ll see what happens.