I ran into a video while surfing on YouTube. In an interview by Jeff Woods, guest is frontman of Metallica, James Hetfield. But Jeff Woods’s appearance and voice incredibly like James Hetfield. It’s so bizarre. I wanted to share this video.

I literally thought Jeff Woods looked like James Hetfield from 2012-2013 era. What is your opinion?

Here’s the Jeff Woods’ note:

Metallica played The Opera House Toronto (Nov 28 2016) in benefit of The Daily Bread Food Bank. They knocked it out of the park! The next day James Hetfield joined me for 20 minutes to chat about life in and beyond Metallica.

He also added on comment section:

James is 53.  Jeff is 53 this January.  Jeff has had tattoos since the 80’s, before Metallica was formed.  He most definitely didn’t try to look like James but can think of a lot worse people to happen to look like ;)”

You can watch the interview from below.