In an interview with, Judas Priest‘s iconic frontman Rob Halford talked about his sexual orientation and clarified whether being gay was something that could be chosen or changed.

As you may know, the legendary vocalist Rob Halford has been openly and proudly gay since the very first time he announced his homosexuality on the MTV show in 1998. Halford has been a strong advocate of gay rights and often shows his support for the cause on social media.

Recently, Rob Halford joined an interview with and responded to a common prejudice against homosexual people suggesting they could actually choose or change their sexual orientation.

In his reply to the question asking what he was thinking about those people who claimed that being gay was a choice and not something that you were born with, Halford said they were completely wrong about it. He stated that considering society’s perspective of different people, it would have been ridiculous to choose to be someone different.

Here’s how Rob Halford responded:

“Absolutely rubbish. You are born with it. Different people like me get murdered in front of buildings. Why would I choose to be that kind of a person? It’s ridiculous.”

Furthermore, Rob talked about how great it was to be gay and claimed once again it was something he born with, definitely not a choice by stating:

“It’s great to be gay. It’s wonderful to be gay because there are so many conflicting views about this particular thing that we have today. But I can say categorically that it’s not a choice. It’s a fact. It’s in your DNA. It’s something that you’re born and blessed with, and I’ll say God made me this way. Thank you.”

As you might remember, Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford has been working on his new autobiography, ‘Confess,’ for a while now. Halford co-wrote his book with Ian Gittins who also collaborated with Mötley Crüe icon Nikki Sixx in his book, ‘The Heroin Diaries.’ ‘Confess‘ was released on September 29, 2020.

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