Aerosmith’s official Twitter account celebrated the 12th anniversary of the Guitar Hero game of the band, ‘Guitar Hero: Aerosmith,‘ and revealed some rare-known details about the game.

As you might remember, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that they will be releasing PlayStation 5 for late 2020 after the huge success of the PlayStation 4, and we also saw how the console will look when it’s going to be released.

Aerosmith stated that their own Guitar Hero game is considered the best selling game compared to other Guitar Hero and Rock Band series and showed how great they were back in these days.

By sharing this information and remembering the anniversary of the game before the release of PlayStation 5, they excited the fans with the possibility of releasing a new Aerosmith game.

Here is what Aerosmith wrote:

“#AEROHISTORY: ‘Guitar Hero: Aerosmith’ June 29th, 2008. By April 2010, the game has seen more than 3.6 million units sold, 2.7 in North America, and is considered the best selling band-centric music game across both Guitar Hero and Rock Band series.”

A fan of the band replied with this comment:

“We need something like this for the PS5. But with more of a RockBand theme. RockBand – Aerosmith Over 100 tracks from their favorite albums. And other artists, if must. But Aerosmith are legends.”

You can check out the post below.