Alice Cooper, the heavy metal icon and talented actor, has taken Instagram to show his appreciation over a fan art and displayed how indifferent he is to the recent remarks of Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider on social media.

One of the most outspoken musicians in the community, Dee Snider, has been tweeting about his idol, Alice Cooper, and asking him several questions about his political statements as the presidential election is at hand.

As you may recall, Snider has recently responded to the news of Tone Deaf, in which an old quote of him was mentioned as a reaction to Cooper’s statement about not mixing the politics and the music.

Dee Snider remarked that their words, included in the news, are from years back and asked Alice Cooper if he still feels the same way in the current political climate. Although Cooper hasn’t spoken about the issue yet, he has kept posting on social media, taking no notice of Snider’s question.

Here is what Alice Cooper said in his latest Instagram post:

“I’m seeing red. Love the tribute. Thank you Capitana Art.”

You can see the post below.