Photo Credit: Electra Mustaine - Instagram

Dave Mustaine’s daughter and a recording artist, Electra Mustaine, has posted a recent Instagram photo that shows why she is heading to safe haven in a mountain zone to spend quality time with her loved ones far away from the crowded city life.

Daughter of the iconic vocalist of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine, and Pamela Anne Casselberry, Electra was born in Arizona in 1988 and she was five years old when they moved to California.

On her Instagram picture, we see her on a flight and the caption tells us the real reason of why she is actually moving to another city.

Electra’s caption gives us the details.

“Made it to a place I LOVE thanks to some great friends! I can’t wait to spend time here with people I love and nature’s beauty all around… Something about being away from all the man-made concrete walls and city lights feeds the sou

Can’t wait to share some pics from the Rockies! (once I get over this altitude sickness, that is) Are you a nature lover too?”

Mentioning about the jet lag, Electra gives the clue that it is a long-distance flight. A fan named Pamjamkc sympathizes with Electra:

“Altitude sickness is horrible!”

Electra’s new destination where she will enjoy great mountain views, good food, and a healthy lifestyle with her loved ones is Aspen. Excited with the news, a fan named Erikarosey13 comments:

“Oh, I love Aspen! But I’ve only ever been there on ski trips, never in the summer. However, I’ve heard it’s amazing even in the non-snowy months”

Her fans thought it is about getting away from the big city life and city lights, as well as the coronavirus threat. Definitely, Electra will find this move refreshing.

You can see Electra’s Instagram post below.