The legendary blues guitarist Eric Clapton’s lovely daughter Ruth Clapton has posted a couple of new videos on her official Instagram Stories and showed how talented grandson Eric has.

Instead of being the daughter of a legendary musician like Eric Clapton, Ruth Clapton-Bartlet has never made anything about music professionally. But it seems that her lovely son Conor Bartlet will be a talented musician like his father and grandfather. As you will check out the video below, he’s having a great time playing guitar and even singing with his mother.

Ruth also did not forget to tag her husband Robert Randolph’s official Instagram page by saying Eric’s grandson would be the Robert Randolph and the Family Band‘s next member, even fill Clapton’s place as a new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Here is what Ruth wrote on the Instagram Stories:

“The next Robert Randolph right here.”

Later on, she sent yet another note:

“It’s been a weirdly musical day, not sure about the lyric change!”

You can watch the latest videos of Ruth right below.