The legendary guitarist of Anthrax, Scott Ian posted a rarely seen photo of Eddie Van Halen to commemorate the Van Halen icon’s legacy, yet he had various questions about the picture.

As you may know, the renowned guitarist and co-founder Van Halen, Eddie tragically passed away on October 6, 2020. His son Wolfgang Van Halen shared the devastating news of his father’s death on social media and confirmed Eddie died after his long battle with throat cancer.

The rock music community has been mourning after the death of a precious member of the Van Halen family. Besides his various achievements he conducted with the band, Eddie was also remembered for his impact on the young and promising musicians both with his music style and his personality.

Recently on Instagram, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian posted a rarely known picture of Eddie Van Halen and claimed with his look in the photo, Eddie was feeling ‘very Sabbath.’ On the caption of his post, Scott asked a bunch of questions about Eddie’s equipment and he urged his fans to help him out to find the audio of what he was playing at that specific moment.

Here’s what Scott Ian stated on the caption:

Eddie feeling very Sabbath. Anyone out there has audio from this? I have to hear the tone. What is he running in front of that Fender?? And where is that V now? So many questions.”

You can see the photo Scott Ian posted on his Instagram account below.

Additionally, as one of the biggest fans of Eddie Van Halen and his music, Scott Ian has been posting various pictures of the guitar legend on his Instagram account since the very first day of his death. Only a few hours after Eddie’s passing, Ian shared a picture of Eddie and wrote a sad goodbye to his hero.

Here’s how Scott Ian bid farewell to Eddie Van Halen:

“He brought so much joy to so many for so long. Riffs! The best fucking riffs. He’s the greatest of all time – past, present, and future. Untouchable. Sorry if this is a bit all over the place. I’m gutted. I hope Wolfgang and Alex and his/their families are OK.”

You can see the photo Scott Ian posted on his Instagram account below.