Original Pantera singer Terry Glaze was the latest interview guest of Joshua Toomey’s ‘Talk Toomey’ podcast and talked about many things from his earlier days with the band and the most iconic Dimebag Darrell moment he has ever had.

As the whole Pantera fans would remember, Terry Glaze was the original vocalist of Pantera and worked with the band from 1982 to 1987. He appeared on the first three independent series of the band and was credited for bringing Pantera to the forefront of the heavy metal industry. However, after some unpleasant incidents, he decided to leave the band.

In this interview, Terry unveiled the story of the left the band on good terms. According to him, there were no hard feelings after they’ve decided to part ways with his friends. He also admitted that Dimebag’s air guitaring in the limo while playing ‘Mouth For War’ song off of a cassette was his most memorable Dimebagg moment ever.

Let’s hear what he said about leaving the band:

“The two hours of the day that we were on stage was the best, which you’ll hear from a lot of touring bands.

It was the other 22 hours of the day that was tough to get on, and ultimately it was four guys in the band, plus their father was the manager, so three of the five had the same last name.

And they never split their vote, so you didn’t really have any say. And that ultimately started to wear and ultimately I just chose to go in a different direction.

But it was not – I loved the music, and I loved playing with all of them, especially Darrell, so if that answers it…”

And here is what he said about Mouth For War:

“I saw all their tours after that, I think their album after that, I’ve seen them, but great.

I love the whole album [‘Vulgar Display of Power’], but that song, that’s the one for me because I think of Darrell – and he was skinny [laughs] – he was air guitaring in the limo, playing that song off of a cassette, that’s my favorite Pantera song.”

You can listen to ‘Mouth Of War’ right below.

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