Metallica and Lady Gaga gave concert together at the 59th Grammy Awards. Then, Lady Gaga has been offered the chance to become Metallica’s new “co-lead singer”. Despite the disastrous onstage collaboration, James Hetfield suffer a ‘dead mic’ onstage during the performance of “Moth Into Flame”. Besides, his bandmates Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo, were totally blown away by Gaga.

As reported by WJLA in Washington, Lars Ulrich has indeed offered Lady Gaga a spot in the group, inviting Gaga to join the band onstage whenever her schedule allows.

Lars Ulrich spoke in an interview with Access Hollywood. He said:

We’ve got a new lead singer. Well, a new co-lead singer, is a better way of saying it. We were talking earlier about maybe making her a permanent member of Metallica, and being a five-piece from now on, so we’ll see.

No word yet on if Gaga would indeed be part of the next studio album or if she will only take part in live concerts. But looking even deeper at the situation, it seems that’s probably going to happen as well with Ulrich stating for the record: “This is only the start!”

  • Brian

    I hope she isn’t on any albums. It would not be a fit at all for her to be on every song…..

  • Christopher Cunha

    What’s up with that crap

  • EastEndDefender

    I think it’s a brilliant move.

    • Casper Crusader

      You obviously don’t know anything about Metal. Gaga makes me wanna GAG! She’s no more metal than Madonna is. I’ve changed my mind, I won’t be going to the concert this summer.

      • Robert Shimek

        Don’t be a fool Casper, my advice, go see it first.. Example, Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy was a pop and folk singer in Germany before she was hired to sing for AE. And her screams were epic and she was a beast on certain keys.. Just saying. I’m skeptical, but optimistic also.


      I think so! If i was a Metallica member i’ll vote for lady GAGA to join the party! as a metallica fan -i say YES! Metallica with Lady Gaga – great colaboration. Do you know what Joe Bonamasa ana Lady gaga have in common – they favorite band is Iron Maiden. I bet some of Metallica members are great fans of iron Maiden too.

  • agentboolen

    I could see this being an idea for them to make the concerts exciting in away that here’s all our old songs being done by us live like you’ve seen many times before but with a big added twist. But I don’t think she should be an actual part of Metallica. Seems like a very strange idea there going with here… Hopefully this is just a genius/MAD marketing idea done by Lars that won’t go any where.

  • Jeffery Alan Stone

    Metallica has jumped the shark

    • I said exactly the same thing yesterday. That’s precisely the right phrase for it.

    • Christopher Karl

      That happened in 1994….

    • Camilo Ernesto Reyes Rodriguez

      After they recorded the famous “Black Album” in 1991 they went crazy …

    • James Gibbons

      One word for you: LuLu :

  • mattyo30

    helllo metallica is crap this proves it guess singer was bad enough now co lead singer it sucks haha , they call themselves metal lol ok

  • John S.Abilash

    Lady Gaga… Bad out fit but good technicality…. Yeah fine… But pls guys Metallica!!! You are monsters…. It’s only four… Horsemen……. I m not the perfect fan but damn it I m a fan!!! Cliff was the best! Jason was great!!!! Rob is good cuz ur choice matters… But not in this part…. No co lead singer…. There s no one rock us like James did…. When you lost your hair or even voice for a while we backed cuz you were a monster…. Now you are on top of your voice….. Not now… I won’t say not another mistake but not this fucking mistake…. I m not telling like there s better co lead… Cuz my idols are scorpions…. But what I m telling s there s no one to stand near you… You gave me metal in my veins… I don’t ve much original copies of ur records to prove I m ur fan but I ve had enough head banging n head aches the day after… Pls men…. You are MET FUCKIN TALL ICA….. Don’t make ur selves five… Oh pls not lady gaga…. N Lars telling if her are dates are fine with it?!!! Come on… There is not one fucking top ten metal bands list with ur name on it…. I don’t know if this news is true but already so much anger….. If you guys who ve brought this news to us can, then get this to them!!!! Bass gets changed for some sake… OK fine… But not Lars….. And fuck you James… Outta love….. I m saying… No fuck should stand near you holding the bloody mic…. You are the bloody monster… You alone!!!!

  • Robert Creutzer

    Why not? They used Marianne Faithfull in Memory Remains. Metallica always have “projects”. It’s not always perfect but a nice gesture to other artists.

    • Joseph Cole Jr

      But not as a co lead singer, it was only one song. I don’t want anyone else singing but james.

    • aszure42

      The Lou Reed collab was just putrid.

  • Crap

  • Любомир Попов

    Dave Mustane can’t stop laughing!

  • Big Jim

    Metallica sucks anymore, so who cares? They were done LONG ago…

    • Jimmy Chamberlain

      your a moron go have another cock in your ass

      • Big Jim

        But Hetfield’s dick is already in both of your holes. Suck it, bitch…

      • Big Jim

        And it’s “you’re”, not “your” in this context…

  • Joseph Cole Jr


  • Camilo Ernesto Reyes Rodriguez

    Metallica already was “going to the pipe” in these last years. Maybe with Lady Gaga they “reappear”…

    • David Oswald

      Lol good one lol

  • Rafael Buxo

    Why not? Two pop acts together.

  • Sherrie Phelps-Snow

    Guys, this isn’t a permanent thing. Y’all act like she’s gonna take over the whole fucking band, have complete creative control over everything and the name of the band will be MetalliGaga.

    Chill out! You might be surprised by this collaboration. You might be right in being angry. Either way, it’s 100% their decision. You can listen to the new collaboration or not. #Metallica #LadyGaga

    • Vohtrake

      Seriously! People need to calm down hahaha

    • James Gibbons

      Well after the horrendous collaboration with Lou Reed, can you blame people for being skeptical?

      • Sherrie Phelps-Snow

        I have bigger issues to deal with. This isn’t permanent. We’ll all live.

  • Dan Muench

    Metallicuck. Cucktallica?


    • zid

      Oh shut up.

  • Casper Crusader

    It’s the principle of the thing. Gaga as a part of Metallica just is not right, and NOT okay. Period.

    • zid

      Its their band not yours. You don’t own them.

  • Imsloan68

    It’s sickening to see such a prefabricated corporate pop act try to get a shred of musical and street cred by glomming on to Lady Gaga like that

  • zid

    Metal used to be about saying fuck the system. Lady Gaga’s been doing that her whole career. Now people are here talking about how Metallica shouldn’t do this or that as if we own them. Fuck that. Nobody owns them. You know what metal is? Singing about inclusion and acceptance at the Superbowl despite the current administration promoting fear of the other. THAT’S metal. Standing up for oppressed groups and using her voice, money and MUSICAL TALENT to give a middle finger to hate IS METAL AS FUCK.

    • Bot Otac

      No. Detuned guitars, blast beat, double bass kicks, fast soloing, dissonant and fast paced rhytm structures & a lot of distorsion/overdrive, served with a grain of politically incorrect non-conformistic attitude. That is metal. Not Lady Gaga, nor Metallica of late. That is music industry at large.

      • zid

        I like the idea and think it’s pretty metal. If you don’t too fucking bad.

  • rex84

    Perhaps Mr. Hetfield should have instead asked Ms. Gaga to replace his sub par drum player.

  • James Gibbons

    I hear they are going to play the entire LuLu album with Gaga on vocal. The MetalliLuLuGaGa tour

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  • Jay Bramer


  • Vladimir Gallegos

    I don’t know, Rick. It looks fake.

  • Mike Freimann

    its a joke