In their new documentary, Dinosaur Jr. singer J. Mascis detailed a conversation between him and late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Mascis explained why he didn’t join Nirvana after the singer’s offer.

The band’s latest ‘Freakscene: The Story Of Dinosaur Jr.’ documentary focuses on alternative rock music, the band’s place, importance, and becoming one of the most influential and dysfunctional bands for several musicians who have been interested in the genre for years.

As one of them, Dinosaur Jr.’s distorted sounds and groundbreaking style inspired Kurt Cobain. After he founded Nirvana in 1987, he reached out to Mascis. Also, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore recalled a chat between two musicians and stated that Cobain made him an offer.

Then, Mascis highlighted that he declined to be drummer and guitarist of a band which would be very famous and commercially successful. The frontman emphasized that Dinosaur Jr. was bigger than Nirvana during those times. Another Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon said the offer showed the band’s influence on Nirvana’s style.

Here’s what Thurston Moore said:

“‘Bleach’ wasn’t out yet, and it was just the single ‘Love Buzz.’ I remember Kurt saying to Mascis, ‘Why don’t you join us?'”

Mascis responded:

“I didn’t think much about it. I think we were much bigger than them at the time, so.”

Kim Gordon added:

“It made me realize maybe how much they’d influenced Nirvana too. Dinosaur Jr. had this other dissonant quality that I think Kurt liked.”

You can check out the trailer of the band’s documentary below.