Damn Yankees and Night Ranger frontman Jack Blades was the latest interview guest of ’80’s Metal Recycle Bin’ last week and talked about his disappointments in his career, the current status of the music scene as well as an untold memoir about Damn Yankees.

As you might follow the American supergroup was formed in 1989, and they released two studio albums earlier ’90s. Damn Yankees managed to peak number one spot in the United States Main Chartlist with their iconic single ‘Coming Of Age’ back in 1990. While the band parted ways with various artists and reunited a couple of times, they released their latest compilation album named ‘High Enough – Best Of Damn Yankees’ in 2019.

While most of the former members are still not sure whether Damn Yankees are finished yet, in his latest interview, a former member of the band and Right Ranger frontman Jack Blades revealed the untold story of how band members managed to earn a million-dollar from their recording company Warner Bros for just not to release their third album.

Jack Blades told the story by saying:

“The new regime came in, and they didn’t want to do anything with that style of music. And in fact, they paid Damn Yankees a million dollars not to do another Damn Yankees record. We’re like, ‘Really? OK, we’ll just take the check. Why not?’

That was how it was because Damn Yankees had sold so many records and we were so recouped, so in our contract the next thing was like ‘We get a million bucks to do an album,’ and they just paid us the million dollars not to do the record. That’s how much nobody wanted anything to do with that era and style of music.”

You can watch the interview below.