Black Sabbath’s legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne’s son and British media personality, Jack Osbourne, spoke in a recent interview with Jim Norton and revealed his reaction about Ozzy’s new biographical movie.

As you might already know, ‘The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne’ is going to be released in this year, and it tells about the times from Ozzy’s childhood and time in prison, to being a legendary musician and a television dad in the 21st century.

In the conversation, Jack shared his thoughts about the movie and stated that the director of the movie, Greg Johnston, did an amazing job. He mentioned that Greg understands the family of Osbourne and that’s one of the reasons why he could manage to do such an amazing biographical movie.

Here is what Jack Osbourne said:

“Honestly, I can’t take credit for that. It was our director, Greg Johnston. He just did a fantastic job. He worked with us since ‘The Osbournes’; he was one of the original executive producers of the show. So he knows us so well; he knows the sensibility.

They killed it. For me, and I kind of tell people when they watch it, I think the last act and kind of what it all means, I guess what we were trying to put across, I just love that last act of the doc.

It’s so moody. And you’ve got Rick Rubin really kind of talking about dad’s legacy and things like that. It’s a moving, moving last act to kind of tail-end it.”

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