Former White Stripes frontman Jack White has shared a new song, named ‘Fear Of The Dawn,’ from his forthcoming album, which will be his first solo record since his 2018 album, ‘Boarding House Reach.’

After having released his third studio album in 2018, Jack White is now ready to release two brand new records which will both arrive in 2022. He revealed before that the two albums were entirely different from each other as he had different inspirations for both of them. As he announced, his first solo album, ‘Fear Of The Dawn,’ is scheduled to be released on April 8, 2022, whereas the follow-up album, ‘Entering Heaven Alive’ is set to arrive on July 22.

Jack White revealed that ‘Fear of the Dawn’ will be based on his traditional rock sound while ‘Entering Heaven Alive’ will feature more folk-based sounds. Back in October 2021, White also released a solo single, titled ‘Taking Me Back,’ which appeared in the game, ‘Call of Duty: Vanguard.’ Later on, he released a video for the song as well.

The first single from ‘Entering Heaven Alive,’ named ‘Love Is Selfish,’ arrived last month and now White released a new song, titled ‘Fear Of The Dawn,’ from the other album. The song is the title track of the upcoming album. Following the release of ‘Fear Of The Dawn’ on April 8, Jack White will hit the road for an extensive tour in North America, Europe, and the UK in support of his 2022 albums.

You can listen to his new song below.