Papa Roach lead singer Jacoby Shaddix reflected on the lyrical and musical inspiration for the band’s new single, ‘Stand Up,’ during a recent interview with WDHA-FM. The singer revealed that it was intended to be an inspiring song for everyone.

As you might know, Papa Roach released their latest and tenth album, ‘Who Do You Trust?’ on January 18, 2019, and now they’ve been getting ready to deliver their eleventh studio album. They haven’t announced the album’s exact release date, but they are planning to release it within this year. On August 1, 2021, the band’s first single from their upcoming album, ‘Swerve,’ arrived.

Then, it was followed by three more songs, which are expected to be featured on the new album. They respectively released ‘Kill the Noise’ and ‘Dying to Believe.’ Lastly, the album’s fourth single, titled ‘Stand Up,’ dropped on January 21, 2022. Their latest song immediately stood out with its energetic and distinctive arrangements. The song’s powerful and motivating lyrics aimed to give voice to all voiceless people worldwide.

During the conversation, Jacoby Shaddix talked about the message behind the song by saying that music has been a big motivator throughout his life. Hence, he hopes that this song will also do the same for many people. He revealed that they wanted to encourage people to access their higher self with this song as they think that music is a very inspiring tool. Shaddix also expressed that the track incorporates three different genres: rock, pop, and hip-hop. They tried to take different sides of all these genres and bring out something new.

Here are Jacoby Shaddix’s words on the message behind ‘Stand Up’:

“Music is such a great unifier. It can be such a motivator and an inspirer; it’s been that to me in my life. And so to be able to put that message in a song and be that voice for someone that feels like they don’t have a voice and be that song that might inspire somebody to really start their movement in their life to become their greater self, what better thing to do?

So ‘Stand Up’ brings that message. It’s like we took three different genres and slammed them together. It’s like we took hip-hop, we took rock, and then we took pop anthemic vibe and made this amalgamation of a song.”

You can watch the full interview and also listen to ‘Stand Up’ below.