During a recent conversation on the Spotify, show Rock This With Allison Hagendorf, Papa Roach’s lead vocalist Jacoby Shaddix talked about the band’s upcoming album, revealed the release date, and confessed that he poured his heart out into this record which at times made him question whether its a good idea to be that honest.

As you know, Papa Roach released their latest album back in January 2019. ‘Who Do You Trust?’ was the band’s tenth studio album and it achieved widespread critical acclaim. Since then, their fans have been excitedly waiting for the band’s new album, and finally, during his recent interview, Jacoby gave some details about it.

When asked about the release date of the new album, Jacoby said that he wants to start dropping the singles around summertime. He said that they’re going to follow a promotion tactic similar to what they did for their last album. So, they’re going to drop a single, wait around two months and then drop another one until the album’s release.

Jacoby went on to talk about the content of the album and he said that it’s the album he’s been the most ‘brutally honest’ in. He said that there were points in which he would question whether he really wants to ‘put this in a song’ but he said that he’s found this process healing which has kept him going.

Here’s what Jacoby said about the release date of the album:

“Summertime feels like the time to drop in some new music. And we’re just gonna drop music, like, a track, then wait about six weeks, eight weeks, drop another track, wait six weeks, drop another track, and just through the end of the year, just keep dropping music to lead up to a release of an album. And this thing is just a banger of a record.

Lyrically, it comes from the gut. It’s, like, I just get so brutally honest in this music that there’s some stuff, I’m, like, ‘God, do I really wanna put this in a song?’ But I have to. It’s, like, theres healing in it. I have to remind myself — there’s healing in this. And the funny thing is every time we feel a little uncomfortable about something, it means we’re on to something. That’s what we found out about ourselves. It’s ’cause we’re stretching ourselves outside the box.”

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