Greta Van Fleet guitarist and co-founder, Jake Kiszka was recently interviewed by Joe Bosso of Guitar World last week and shared his thoughts on whether the band considers changing the way they sound unlike a legendary band like AC/DC.

You may follow Michigan-based rock band’s career, Greta Van Fleet released their second studio album named ‘The Battle At Garden’s Gate’ back in April and it features twelve never-released before tracks. While the album managed to become one of the most anticipated albums of 2021, it got mixed scores from professional reviewers despite peaking the number one spot on Billboard’s US Top Rock Albums.

In the interview, Greta Van Fleet guitarist was asked to reveal the possible sounds of the band in the future and whether they are thinking of radically different from what they are doing right now just like U2.

While Jake stated that they are influenced by many music genres like country, jazz, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll, he also revealed if they will be like AC/DC which is being revered for never changing. According to Jake, Greta Van Fleet will always be a band that can evolve and tries new things without any concern.

Here is what Kiszka said in his latest interview:

“That’s very interesting, and I’m glad we’re touching on it. We see ourselves as being very elastic. We like to change and we want to move in different ways. We can’t be stagnant musically – that would be death. I think I can say that each album we put out will be different from the previous one.

There’s so much to cover, all the different types of music – folk, country, jazz, blues and rock ‘n’ roll. We’re influenced by all of it, and we want to incorporate it into what we’re doing.

I think we see ourselves as a group that can evolve and try new things. Changing what we do over time, yeah, I think that could be beautiful and inspiring. Artists shouldn’t be afraid to completely throw something out and try something else, but it can be difficult. It’s an interesting concept, for sure.”

In the same interview, Jake also was asked to name the guitarists he’s been listening to these days. He praised White Stripes while admitting that he re-listened his whole discography as well as talking about the latest studio album of Grammy-awarded musician Cedric Burnside named ‘Benton County Relic.’