Thrash metal giant Metallica’s Ride The Lightning album was released on July 27, 1984, by the independent record label Megaforce.

Metallica’s official Instagram account has shared a video to celebrate the 34th anniversary of Ride The Lightning album.

Frontman James Hetfield took part in a rapid-fire round of questions and answers for a video. Check the video from below.

Question: Which super power: invisibility or flight?

James Hetfield: Flight.

Question: First celebrity crush?

James Hetfield: Tatum O’Neal (The Bad News Bears – 1979)

Question: Ford or Chevy?

James Hetfield: Ford

Question: Your quiet place?

James Hetfield: Hunting trips, digging in nature.

Question: Favorite sport?

James Hetfield: Football.

Question: What’s for dinner?

James Hetfield: Meat.

Question: Who inpires you?

James Hetfield: My quiet place.

Ride The Lightning Q&A with @papa_het_

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