Metallica frontman James Hetfield spoke in recent interview with Metallica’s official online magazine “So What!” and explained his thoughts about their side projects. He said:

We know where home is. We’ve all done those things, and that fear of ‘We’re not a unit‘ is not there anymore. We, at least I, understand that everyone loves being here and this is the prime directive, man. This is it. This is what we get to do.

The other stuff is also fun. It feeds our soul. It gives us a sense of independence that we crave, but okay, the Metallica mother ship is right here. Go jump on it.”

Guitarist Kirk Hammett added:

“Yeah, for as much as it might be tantalizing to have solo projects or whatever, for me, Metallica is my musical home and now just where I live musically.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t go to the store, or go visit some relatives over here and play some music, but sooner or later you gotta come home.”

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