Metallica lead singer James Hetfield reflected his thoughts about Metalica’s ‘…And Justice For All’ and revealed the album’s main problem in his recent interview with The Guardian.

As you may know, Metallica released their fourth studio album entitled ‘…And Justice For All’ on September 7, 19. It was the band’s first album featuring their new bassist Jason Newsted after their iconic bassist Cliff Burton’s tragic death.

The album got very positive reviews from fans and music critics. ‘…And Justice For All’ became one of the band’s most popular and commercially successful albums, but apparently, the band’s frontman thinks it has a big flaw.

James Hetfield revealed the album’s main problem, saying that it reflects their egos during his recent interview. He stated that the Metallica members wanted to show off and prove their extraordinary talent as composers and musicians, especially in their live performances.

Hetfield stated in his interview that:

“There was a lot of egos and showing off on ‘…And Justice For All.’ Going out and playing ‘Justice’ live, the songs were eight, nine, ten minutes long.”

Further in the interview, Papa Het admitted that the band members gave up on showing off while working on their fifth studio album, ‘The Black Album,’ and that’s how they created shorter and catchy heavy metal tracks.