In an interview with Metallica’s frontman James Hetfield, he talked about his tattoos and revealed the special meanings behind his tattoos.

Interviewer asked “so the cross tattoo just where your shirt opens, that is more a metal symbol than a religious symbol?”

James Hetfield says:

“Well I like symbolism. I’ve always loved symbolism. I came up with the damn logo, you know, that ninja star, I’ve always loved the association with things, and this represents a family. You know, I don’t know, there’s something about. I’ve always. You know if I wasn’t playing music I’d be doing, you know graphic design or something.

And I get to do both which is awesome, and so… Symbolism is pretty big for me, and the cross for me represents balance and connection with a higher power, and you know, it can mean many things for everybody else, but tattoo wise I have St. Michael, which to me, that’s pretty huge. Facing your demons and I love those stories. I love some of the religious stories because whether they are real or not they are awesome inspiring stories.”

You can watch the speech of James Hetfield about his tattoos.