Metallica was released “Hardwired” approximate two month ago, which song is first single track of upcoming new album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”. There were many criticisms about the lyrics of the song.

The band’s frontman and lead lyric writer James Hetfield talked with Steffan Chirazi about the album for their So What! magazine and explained what inspired him lyrically on those songs. He says:

“‘Hardwired’ is so simple, it is not Shakespeare, I know that. But gosh, are humans really doing the right thing? You know. And in the history of time, we’re a little blip. And are we gonna be gone? Are we phasing ourselves out with electronics? Are we becoming this? Are we gonna self-destruct because of our egos and all of the stuff that makes humans human?

That whole sentence ‘hardwired to self-destruct’ came from a friend of mine that was just throwing it out there as a struggling addict. Is that what it’s like for us? Is our default just to die? Earlier than we’re supposed to. Wreck. Destroy our lives; are we hardwired to self-destruct? And that just caught my ear.

‘Moth Into Flame’ is pretty literal. These days everyone [has] an obsession with being famous. Being popular. Whether it’s your Facebook account or walking around the street, watching someone doing selfies of themselves as they’re walking down the street. Like what? What are you doing?”

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Metallica’s new album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct” will release on November 18 via Blackened Recordings.