Metallica frontman James Hetfield was recently asked on when’s Metallica planning to call it a day, telling 93.3 Radio:

“There’s no rules. As an artist, when do you stop? Are you supposed to stop? If you stop, do you die?

I look at Lemmy. That guy was up there kicking ass to the last moments, and that, to me, is respectable, but that is him. That’s what he loved; that’s how he lived. Why would you die sitting in a rocking chair somewhere else? He loved doing that, and that fits for him. I don’t know what it is for us yet.”

Asked whether there’s anything left for Metallica to accomplish, Hetfield replied:

“For us, being explorers, we’ve got to have something that’s our next adventure. And I’ll tell you, those adventures show up for us, whether it’s management getting offers or whatever it may be, there’s always an adventure that shows up for us, and we’re up for it.

We wanna do firsts, and there’s quite a few firsts that didn’t really pan out, and then there’s some that almost killed us. [Laughs] You know, certain movies and things, financially and things like that. But we’re up for trying new stuff and making it fun and bringing smiles to the fans out there, and that makes me smile.”