Metallica frontman James Hetfield spoke in an interview with The Canadian Press and explained why he abandoned his Instagram account. He said:

“I got sucked into the social media around… I was trying to be hip, trying to be cool. You know, my kids are on Instagram, ‘I wanna try this thing.’ I just wanted to look like the cool dad to my kids. And I ended up being just…

It was this huge time sucker, and that’s all I was thinking about. ‘Oh, hey, I’m here. I can take a picture and put it on Instagram and get some hits,’ or whatever, and trying to get many followers…

But there is a good part to that — you know, there’s actually people you can meet and converse with and get to know, and then when you get to their town, you’re, ‘Wow, hey, you’re here.’ And you make a friend. But most of the time, it was just sucking my time, and I just started to neglect regular life. It was living in the cyber world, and it was not for me.”

We know that James is very related and kind about his childrens and his family. According to this interview, the reason James opened the Instagram account is his childrens.

Click here to reach the official Instagram account of Papa Het. Although there are no new photos but it is pleasant to look at old photos.

If you want to see the entire interview made by The Canadian Press, click here.