Metallica frontman James Hetfield spoke in an interview by Thrasher and spoke about their 1999 symphony collaboration called “S&M”. He said:

“When we played with the SF Symphony we had to move it to Berkeley because the place in SF is set up acoustically for acoustic instruments. When we plugged in no one could hear anything. It was just a mess so we had to do a lot of work to make it sound right. It has lots of power. That’s where we connected.

I was pretty nervous playing with real musicians. I don’t know why I think they’re real, ‘cause they can read music or something. We don’t know how to read music but we feel it. We love the power and we love what it does to us. Let’s connect there.

They obviously feel the same thing. There are obviously some people who clock in and sit and play and read their stuff, clock out and go home. Most of the people there obviously love it or else they wouldn’t do it. They helped us sound and feel more powerful than ever.

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