During the recent talk with Terry L. Karges, who is the Petersen Automotive Museum executive director, Metallica frontman James Hetfield made a controversial statement on the future of Metallica, explaining is there any plans for an upcoming album or not.

In the conversation, a fan was wondering about the next studio album and James replied that he doesn’t know anything about the upcoming album and there is nothing clear in the future of the band. James explained that they are just sitting and waiting for what is works for them.

Here is what James Hetfield said:

“That’s a great question. We don’t know. Right now, I’m sitting in Petersen Museum, and I don’t know what’s gonna happen next. That’s the beauty of this. We’ll sit down and figure out what works best for us.

Whatever is coming up, we don’t know. And we kind of thrive off of the fear of the unknown a bit and being scared just enough to feel alive.”

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Back in October 2019, Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett talked in an interview with Cosmo Music and revealed that he has a lot of stuff for a possible upcoming album.

Here’s what he said:

“I have a lot of stuff written that I’ve put aside for the band — a lot of stuff. Because last album, I didn’t have any stuff, ’cause I lost most of my ideas when I lost my phone — over 500 musical ideas… It took me a long time to recover from that.

And I got it into my head I had to produce twice as much — basically, I overcompensated. So, as it stands, as we speak, I have a lot of material — really kick-ass, great material — that I just can’t wait to show the other guys and turn into some music, record, get the album out and have more kick-ass metal.”

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