As you might already remember that Metallica legend James Hetfield is going to alcohol rehab for his ongoing addiction issues for almost a year.

Today, Metallica’s official Twitter account posted a recent video about their official whiskey brand named Blackened and confused fans’ minds tagging all band members but Papa Het.

While James Hetfield is not using any social media including Twitter and Instagram, this might be the main reason for Metallica’s not mentioning James, however, we can easily think that they were cautious enough not to remember anything about alcohol to James himself.

Here is what’s written on the of Blackened American Whiskey:

“COMING 05.18.20. Stay tuned…

#blackenedwhiskey @Metallica @larsulrich @RobertTrujillo @KirkHammett”

Metallica’s official Twitter account responded to the tweet:

“Tomorrow… #blackenedwhiskey”

You can check out both tweets below.