In the past few days, Kirk Hammett had been very positive comments about Dave Mustaine. Today, James Hetfield made a positive statement about his former bandmate Dave.

James Hetfield interviewed by Bild, he said about Dave:

He has done very well for himself in Megadeth. After getting kicked out of Metallica, he went on to have an amazing career. Dave is an amazing guitar player, great songwriter – he’s done some amazing stuff with his band.

We’ve talked over the years, we’ve played the Big 4 and he showed up and played with us on our 30th anniversary at the Fillmore, we played some early songs.”

If you want to watch the entire interview, click here. You can find below from Kirk Hammett’s explanation of Dave Mustaine.

Kirk Hammett on Dave Mustaine’s Anger Over Metallica: “I Always Understood Him”