Audioslave and Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell committed suicide by hanging himself in the hotel room after a concert in Detroit.

Metallica frontman James Hetfield spoke in an interview by Mistress Carrie and explained his thoughts on Chris Cornell’s death. He said:

Well, it does make you hug those around you, for sure — bandmates, family that’s out here, family at home. It makes you realize that, you know, there is a darkness that anyone and everyone can find and feel that they’re trapped in. And when you’re there — and at least I know the depth of my darkness at times — it is difficult when you’re in that space to even fathom that there’s someone there that can help you or has been through that before.

Sometimes you’re at such a loss…I can’t… obviously can’t explain what he was going through, but we all have our darknesses, and check in with each other — check in with each other. Let each other know how you’re doing.

Yes, it’s a sad story, and there’s a lot of sad stories recently, especially in the grunge world, losing a lot of people and for us, losing Lemmy and all of the things that have been happening in the last couple of years, it just makes us feel even more grateful to be out here doing what we’re doing.”

You can watch the entire interview from here.