Metallica frontman James Hetfield talked about Kirk Hammett’s guitar technique. According to him, Kirk is a great guitarist and he can’t play guitar like him.

James Hetfield spoke in an interview by Newsweek and explained his thoughts on  Kirk’s guitar technique. He said:

“Kirk’s an amazing lead player with a great lead sound, and I wish I could play like him, but I can’t. So I become the best rhythm player I can.

And being the singer, I love melody. Michael Schenker is probably one of my favorite guitar players as far as melody goes. All of the kind of dual harmony things are things that I do in the studio, and Kirk comes in and does the solo stuff.

I think I’m a little more subtle than him. He’s pretty bombastic when he comes in with a sound. In rehearsals, it’s like, ‘Do you notice that you’re really, really loud?’ And he doesn’t. He just loves noises, exploring noises. It is a great combo.

He also talked about Lars Ulrich:

“Lars [Ulrich] and I have been married for 35 years [laughs]; you get to know each other pretty well. We’re brothers that hate each other, love each other, can’t stand each other.”

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