In an interview with Jeff Woods, James Hetfield spoke about Metallica’s classic song “Nothing Else Matters”. He said that he never wanted to release “Nothing Else Matters” for surprising reason. He said:

“‘Nothing Else Matters’ was a song for me. It was not to be heard by the general public. It was a song written in hotel rooms on [‘Justice’] tour about missing friends at home, being out for such a long time.

That was a song that was not meant to be played for other people, it was for me. I think that’s important – to write music that makes you feel good, I’ve got quite a few songs that are like that.

‘Nothing Else Matters’ was heard by the band, they thought it was amazing. I though, ‘You’re crazy. That’s just this sappy ballady thing that makes me feel OK.’ ‘No, that’s good!’ That just goes to show I have no idea what’s good. [Laughs]

But it eventually made its way out there. It was a vulnerable, vulnerable song for me, and a real risk at that time, being where I was at that time to let that song go and be heard.

I’m really glad they all pushed for it. I think it’s a vulnerable song that everyone can relate to. It doesn’t really mean one thing, it’s not just about relationship, I’ve seen that song show up for sport teams… It’s a belonging, belonging song.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.