Metallica frontman James Hetfield spoke in an interview with iHeartRadio and explained why he refuse to take photos with Metallica fans. He said:

“I really used to get freaked out that I would piss somebody off.

I used to get so worried that if I say ‘No. My kids are here, I’m enjoying a family moment,’ that they’ll turn around and say, ‘You’re a dick! What a rock star!’ I was so worried about that.

I don’t do photos, I don’t sign, I will shake your hand and I’ll talk with you for five minutes. I’d rather do that and leave that kind of impression than someone just stealing a little piece of your privacy.

I don’t find that productive for me and it puts me in a crap mood. And then I start to get resentful and I don’t even wanna talk to people. So I’d rather talk to them as a person instead of some idol of sorts.”

In addition, a fan shared his experience of recently meeting Papa Het, confirming via Reddit that James is indeed not into photos.

Back in 2011, Hetfield attacked a group of paparazzi in Uruguay by hurling stones at them for taking photos of him while he was having an ice cream with his son.