Metallica recently shared a preview from their upcoming podcast to announce its release date on their Instagram account. Also, James Hetfield shared his thoughts about Lars Ulrich saying that he realized his dedication in the beginning.

As you probably know, Metallica began working on different projects to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘The Black Album.’ Therefore the band previously revealed that they will release ‘The Black Album Remastared’ and ‘The Metallica Black List’ on September 10, 2021.

In addition, Metallica announced a podcast project named ‘The Metallica Podcast,’ as a promotion of ‘The Black Album Remastared.’ The podcast’s first eight episodes will be based on behind the scenes of ‘The Black Album’ and the band member’s experiences throughout the process along with forty special guests.

The preview of the podcast was shared by Metallica on Instagram and they unveiled that ‘The Metallica Podcast’ will be available on August 20, 2021. In that part, James Hetfield stated that he knew Lars Ulrich will be as dedicated as himself. Also, Ulrich said that the only band he wants to be in is Metallica and founding the band was an exciting adventure.

James Hetfield shared his thoughts saying:

I knew that Lars was as dedicated as I was. I didn’t have to work at the sticker factory or be a janitor anymore.

That’s a risk. If it feels a little bit uncomfortable. That’s okay there is no choice.”

Larsh Ulrich added:

The only band I’ve ever been in is Metallica. The only band I want to be in is Metallica.

It’s exciting because we’re entering an unknown place.

Metallica’s IG post read:

Coming August 20th: The Metallica Podcast

Subscribe for free to this eight-episode podcast going behind the scenes of ‘The Black Album’ as told by the band and nearly 40 special guests! Listen wherever you get your podcasts.”

Consequently, it can be said that Metallica’s new podcast will include many exclusive and unknown details about both ‘The Black Album’ and the band’s whole music journey itself.