Photo: Rolling Stone

Metallica’s iconic singer and guitarist, James ‘Papa Het’ Hetfield has shared a recent photo from backstage of their recent Project, S&M², on verified Instagram page of Metallica.

Also, he wrote a simple message with the photo, and said:

“Backstage shenanigans at #SandM2. 📸 by @brettmurrayphotography.”

A fan named ganja_viper_420 commented on this photo:

“I love James’s face in this picture. It looks like he ate some Taco Bell that hit him wrong at that moment. 😂.

Keep up the great work James, Kirk, Lars, and Robert. 🤘🤘🤘🤘”

Another one said that:

“Ugh. I miss Sunday so much! It was the most amazing night of my life!!!”

You can see the post below.