Metallica gave a concert in China last month and three popular songs “One”, “Master of Puppets” and “Hardwired” could not be played, because of The Chinese Government’s cencorship. This is an attitude that Metallica is not used to.

Frontman James Hetfield spoke on the censorship in China in an interview with South China Morning Post. He was really harsh and said:

Why shouldn’t you respect their culture when you’re there as a guest and you’ve been invited to play? We want to be respectful, and just because we do things differently, it doesn’t mean it should be forced upon [others].

But hopefully we’ll keep coming back and they’ll realize we’re not a threat politically and we have no agenda except to cross boundaries with music and let people enjoy the songs. We’re not trying to bring a secret message to anybody.

I think that censorships will continue because of strict totalitarian government in China. If Metallica comes to China once again, they will probably face censorship again. Sad but true.